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CBD For Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)

“The best thing to say to someone who has PMDD is something that lets them know you understand they do not choose to be that way, and you know it isn't just an excuse.”    ― Sara McGinnis.

Periods SUCK–Period. But unfortunately, if you’re someone who was born with lady parts, there’s just no escaping the crimson red tides that flow monthly. That said, however, we’d rather be on the rag than endure the pain brought on by premenstrual syndrome. Who else agrees? The pain and hormonal fluctuations that women experience before their monthly flow are much worse than the actual period itself. So, in layman’s terms, women have to deal with not only constant bleeding for 3-7 days but a week of PMS too. That’s almost half the month, if not more, for some. Well, that’s just peachy. 

But it doesn’t stop there. For many women, PMS can feel different; when we say different, we mean worse. How can it get any worse, you ask? Let us introduce you to PMDD. Like PMS, Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder is a health condition more severe than your typical premenstrual monster. Some women have reported the symptoms of PMDD as feeling flu-like and experiencing nausea, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, joint and muscle pain, and depression, among other symptoms…oh lord. 

Are you starting to feel grateful for your average walk-in-the-park PMS symptoms? Okay, probably not, but I bet you’re thankful not to deal with the latter. Or, perhaps you’re someone who does experience PMDD. Whether it’s PMS or PMDD, we’ve got a remedy for you. One to possibly help relieve your symptoms and take back the life that’s been unfairly taken from you. What is this magical remedy? Well, it’s CBD, of course.

Defining PMDD

PMDD and PMS may cause breast tenderness, fatigue, bloating, and changes in sleep and eating habits. If you’re wondering if you fall into the category of having PMDD, then at least one of these emotional and behavioral symptoms will stand out:

  • Sadness and hopelessness
  • Anxiety and extreme tension
  • Overbearing moodiness
  • Uncontrollable irritability and anger

Though similar to PMS, Premenstrual dysphoric disorder comes with its own set of woes, including extreme irritability, anxiety, and depression that forms a week or two before your period. The International Association for Premenstrual Disorders estimates 2-10% of women experience PMDD; believe it or not, this condition isn’t new, but new to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. It wasn’t until then that PMDD began to be taken seriously and classified as a DSM-5. No surprise there that a women’s disorder would go unnoticed until the 21st century. But, we digress. 

What Causes PMDD?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to really answer this. Medical professionals are still unaware of the root cause of PMDD. Annoying, we know. Still, it has been determined that women with this condition have a different cellular response to sex hormones than those who experience classic PMS symptoms. A professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the Department of Women's and Children's Health underwent a clinical study where he watched neuroimaging in patients with PMDD. The results suggested that across each test subject, brain activity was different between women with healthy controls and women with PMDD, highlighting how essential hormone fluctuations are in this specific disorder.

Another possibility of the root cause is our serotonin levels. Some researchers believe that serotonin, a chemical found in the brain, could be behind whether or not women will be affected by PMDD. As we go through our menstrual cycles, our hormone levels change. As a result, our hormone levels can drop. So, if you’re a woman who falls into the category of being more sensitive to changes in serotonin levels, then you may encounter PMDD.

What Are The Treatments of PMDD?

Today there is no real cure for the premenstrual dysphoric disorder. Instead, patients with this disorder must undergo standard PMDD treatments such as antidepressants, birth control or other forms of hormone therapies, and diet and lifestyle changes. Wow, none of those look great, huh? Still, with all those options, it’s not guaranteed, risking your health at an even greater expense. If you’re like us, we were also searching for an all-natural remedy to ease the symptoms affecting us daily. That’s when we discovered CBD and all of its internal benefits.

How CBD Affects PMDD

Whether it's PMS or PMDD, CBD's effect on our bodies may significantly influence our daily irritating symptoms, and we mean it in a good way! CBD is one of the hundreds of cannabinoids that can be derived from the hemp plant. Unlike the cannabinoid THC, CBD has less than 0.3% of THC and can't get you stoned, baked, or whatever the kids call it these days. Nor will you fail a drug test when you use it. It's an excellent legal option since you can purchase it in any state in America.

Did you know that our bodies operate similarly to how plants do? Inside our bodies, we have this "thing" called an endocannabinoid system, or ECS for short. Our bodies alone produce their own cannabinoids and contain cannabinoid receptors throughout their various systems. So, when we take CBD, it can genetically take part in our cannabinoid receptors and help our body to achieve balance. It's also a great healthy alternative compared to the current treatments listed above because it's an all-natural substance that works with our body to create a harmonious state.

Not to say that CBD is a cure-all, nor will it benefit everyone who takes it since much of the research has been anecdotal. But, evidence has been discovered and proven, such as reduced inflammation, stress, and pain levels, and there is still so much more to be learned about CBD and its magical benefits. I know it’s not just us; we’ve seen more women turn to CBD for menstrual pain and hormonal fluctuations in the past few years more than ever. 

Period Specific CBD

There are many forms of CBD on the market. You’ve got your creams, oils, and edibles; the list doesn’t stop there. It can feel overwhelming when first trying out CBD, especially when the reason for doing so is holistic healing. At Goddess Well, we’ve tried to simplify that selection by creating women-focused CBD supplements that complement your inherent self-healing power. One of our popular CBD options for PMDD is our Radiance CBD capsules, specifically designed to combat PMS and menopause symptoms. Another brings Harmony capsules which help with hormones and mood aid. Both CBD options are combined with botanic healing herbs such as evening primrose, proven by clinical studies of its therapeutic potential. Harmony and Radiance are two excellent options for treating PMS and PMDD.

We’re excited to see you begin your healing journey and relieve some of the nuisances in your life. You shouldn’t have to allow PMS and PMDD to inhibit you any longer! That said, Goddess Well wants to extend a hand in helping you make your decision to try CBD easy and affordable. Goddess Well offers 20% off their Harmony bundle, which is already discounted–double whammy. You’ve got to love a good deal. The Harmony bundle includes both their Radiance and Harmony CBD supplements. So, head to and use PMSWHO20 at the checkout to claim your health! The pièce de résistance of PMS and PMDD control.

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