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Maximizing Your Meditative Practice: 6 Key Factors to Keep in Mind When Incorporating CBD

Meditation, similar to CBD, can invoke a sense of calm, peace, and balance that can benefit your emotional well-being and overall health, acting as the perfect stress relief technique.

An image of a woman sitting cross-legged in a lush green field at sunset, with her eyes closed in meditation. A transparent image of cannabis leaves and flowers is overlaid on top of the scene, providing a symbolic representation of the plant's potential role in relaxation and contemplation.

Raise your hand if you've thought meditation would be a helpful addition to your life, a stress relief technique that you could benefit from. But, found it too strenuous, ultimately resulting in the thought that meditating just wasn't for you—we hear you. We're curious, however, why you think that is. Was it because you couldn't silence that little voice inside your head? Or, perhaps you found the art of stillness impossible for someone as anxious and overwhelmed as you’ve been? Isn't it frustrating since meditation is ultimately supposed to help eliminate those jumbled thoughts and be that stress relief technique we can look towards?! 

If those reasons resonate, don't worry, you're not alone. Thousands of people encounter this same thought upon first attempting to mediate. But what if we told you we had a cheat code to enable you to experience the benefits of meditation and unlock this stress relief technique? Well, we do, and it's a little plant-derived substance called CBD. Like a plant, our bodies produce cannabinoids, so we're naturally designed to use CBD to help combat many health conditions. When we use CBD, we're naturally stimulating the receptors in our body, promoting that state of tranquility we long for, similar to a "runner's high." 

When first including CBD in your meditation, be mindful that combining plant medicine and meditation can take practice. What’s that expression? If, at first, you don’t succeed, try again! Meaning most of the ideas surrounding the use of CBD are anecdotal. So, some people find that CBD doesn’t always work on the first try. Our bodies are fascinating vessels with no rhyme or reasons why sometimes things work and don’t. If that’s the case, you might want to give it a few attempts before feeling the benefits of this plant. We recommend trying Goddess Well’s CBD supplements in combination with your stress relief technique. They use nano-CBD, which is twice as potent as regular CBD and can absorb easier, making them an ideal option.

Long story short, CBD might be the key that you've been looking for to unlock your meditative state. Here are six things you should know when adding CBD into your meditative practice:

Stabilized Mood

Did you know CBD is a promising new stress relief technique for treating anxiety and mood disorders? Yup, you read that right. And isn't one of the main factors of meditation being calm and centered? Why yes, yes, it is. 

Don’t Rush The Process

CBD may improve your brain's response to serotonin. The reason behind this is that CBD interacts with the serotonin that we naturally produce within our bodies. However, CBD doesn't directly affect serotonin; instead, it influences how the brain responds to the available amount of serotonin. If your body produces enough but doesn't process it to its total capacity, then CBD can step in and help.

In addition, CBD has anti-anxiety properties that could help with your stress relief techniques, calm the nervous system, and potentially quiet anxiety symptoms. This is why CBD is often used for mood swings and in the practice of meditation.

Increased Concentration

What if I said that mediation could help improve your memory? According to the West Virginia University School of Public Health, meditation mixed with relaxing music can help increase engagement and strengthen adult cognitive function. Adding CBD into the equation can provoke a calm state, silencing your mind and embracing the stillness to activate a self-reflective state. This stress relief technique trains your mind to be aware and get a healthy perspective on life. You never know. You might just unlock a memory or two along the way.

Reduced Muscle Soreness 

As explained earlier, our bodies are designed to intake CBD thanks to our endocannabinoid system. When our system becomes unbalanced, our cannabinoid receptors track down the cause and release specific enzymes that help restore balance within our body, i.e., CBD can help reduce symptoms such as body aches and sore muscles. When incorporating this into meditation, you’re allowing yourself the opportunity to slip into a state of stillness without the feeling or overthinking of how yesterday’s workout is catching up to you or whatever may be causing you unwanted, irritating disturbances. A powerful stress relief technique when needing to escape from your physical body.

Don’t Rely Solely On CBD

CBD might be your knight in shining armor when it comes to provoking a state of calmness but remember that it’s only part of the equation. To fully grasp the art of meditation, you must adapt another stress relief technique by looking inward to complete the sequence. It’s about training awareness to allow yourself a healthy sense of perspective. To do so, you must follow your internal process to level up on a spiritual playing field. Here are the following steps to add in combination with your nano-CBD:

  • Level 1: Observing thoughts and feelings
  • Level 2: Observing silence
  • Level 3: Losing yourself

Methods Of Consumption

When consuming CBD for your stress relief techniques, you can try many different forms of this plant-based medicine, like tinctures, gummies, soft gels, edibles, and even topicals, and from there, the list goes on and on. That may seem like a mind-boggling amount, but no need to feel overwhelmed. Surprisingly, based on self-performed research, some forms of consumption work better than others, depending on the individual. If you try a CBD product and don't feel the effects after the second or third time, don't fret. Instead, try another form. How each method absorbs into our bodies can significantly affect the reaction it produces. So, if that form of CBD doesn't work the first time, switch it up, and give it another go! As mentioned earlier, Goddess Well's soft gels use nano-CBD, doubling the absorption rate's efficiency and tantalizing our receptors rapidly.

If you want to try CBD for the first time in your meditative practice, we’d like to extend an offer of peace. Goddess Well’s line of CBD soft gels is the perfect ratio of Nano-CBD and botanical herbs that will enhance your meditation and guide you on your journey to self-reflection. So, come visit us at and get 30% off when you subscribe.

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