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The Goddess Guide to the Lionsgate Portal: Embrace the 888 Magic and Awaken Your Cosmic Essence

Missed 8-8-8 this year? Fret not - the Lionsgate Portal is technically open through 8/12! Use this ritual till then to tap into the celestial energies.

Unveiling the Cosmic Enchantment: The Lionsgate Portal

The universe weaves an intricate tapestry of celestial occurrences, and amid its grand design lies the enchanting phenomenon of the Lionsgate Portal. An annual cosmic event, the Lionsgate Portal graces our lives between July 28 and August 12, reaching its crescendo on August 8 (8/8). This is a celestial spectacle that transcends mere dates; it's an invitation to journey within, to explore the depths of our consciousness, and to embrace the magic that resides both in the cosmos and within ourselves.

A Celestial Synchrony: The Lion’s Gate Portal Origins

As the sun strides through the zodiac realm of Leo, a profound alignment of cosmic forces takes center stage. The Lion’s Gate Portal derives its name from this majestic celestial dance. It occurs when the radiant sun in Leo harmonizes with Earth, Orion's Belt constellation, and the brilliant star Sirius. The key to this portal's ignition is the rising of Sirius, a moment that signals the commencement of a period marked by heightened spiritual energies.

Leo, the lion-hearted constellation, contributes its own dynamic to this cosmic choreography. Known for its strength, courage, and determination, Leo encapsulates qualities that mirror the transformative energies of the portal. Thus, the Lion’s Gate Portal is aptly named, signifying not only its celestial alignment but also its resonance with the regal spirit of the lion.

The Sacred Ritual: Nurturing Your Cosmic Essence

Prepare to embark on a transformative journey with our specially curated Lionsgate ritual. This ritual is designed to cleanse, activate, and align your heart and third eye chakras, facilitating a deeper connection with your intuitive wisdom and higher self.

You Will Need:

🌿 Energy clearing tool of choice (dried herb sticks, incense, bells, etc.) 📓 Journal and Pen 💎 2 Crystals of your choice ⏲️ Timer (optional)

Step 1: Energy Clearing and Aura Cleansing

Begin by using your chosen energy clearing tool to cleanse your aura and surroundings. As you purify your energy field, recite the affirmation, "I cleanse myself with light and loving energy. All energies that are no longer mine to carry are now leaving my body. I am light, I am free. I am whole. I am me."

Step 2: Setting Sacred Space

Continue the cleansing process by reciting the mantra, "My space is cleansed and protected, only light and love may dwell here." Feel the energy of your space shifting, becoming a sanctuary for divine guidance and growth.

Step 3: Heart Chakra Activation

Sit comfortably and place your hand over your heart chakra. Inhale and exhale through your heart for a few breaths, centering your awareness on this energy center.

Step 4: Heart Chakra Cleansing and Activation

Using your hand, move in an anti-clockwise direction a few inches above your heart, imagining you are cleansing and releasing any blockages. Reverse the direction to clockwise, supercharging your heart chakra with vibrant energy.

Step 5: Third Eye Awakening

Repeat the cleansing and activation process for your third eye, located in the center of your forehead. Feel the energy flowing and expanding as you move your hand in both anti-clockwise and clockwise directions.

Step 6: Crystal Meditation

Lie down and place one crystal on your third eye and the other on your heart center. Meditate in this position for at least 10 minutes, allowing the energies of the crystals to infuse your being with insights and clarity.

Step 7: Journal Reflection

As you emerge from your meditation, take your crystals aside and grab your journal. Write freely for 20 minutes, letting your thoughts flow without restraint. Consider using prompts like "I forgive myself for..." or "I believe in myself because..." to delve into your inner landscape.

Step 8: Gratitude and Integration

Reflect on your journal entries, acknowledging any insights, messages, or feelings that arose. Express gratitude to your spirit guides and angels for their guidance during this introspective journey.

Step 9: Crystal Connection

Carry your crystals with you or place them by your bedside as you go about your day or sleep. Allow their energies to continue supporting your connection with your higher self.

Step 10: Nourish and Hydrate

Complete the ritual by sipping herbal tea or drinking water, honoring your body and aiding the energy activations.

Embrace the Cosmic Symphony: Lionsgate Portal Wisdom

As the Lion’s Gate Portal beckons, heed its call to adventure. This celestial event isn't merely a fleeting occurrence but a window into the depths of your own cosmic essence. By engaging in this ritual, you align yourself with the universe's harmonious dance, inviting insights, growth, and transformation.

Happy Lionsgate, dear Sisters! Embrace the magic and let the universe unfold its wisdom within you. 🌺🌟🦁

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