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Help yourself
heal and
prevent UTIs.

Serenity has the power to cleanse the urinary tract and relieve pain.

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embrace a life free from UTI struggles and seize the opportunity to indulge in the restorative benefits of Serenity.

with its powerful blend of botanical wonders, Serenity empowers you to savor every moment with comfort and confidence.

cinnamon bark oil

supports your body's natural defense against UTI-related inflammation.

cranberry seed oil

targets UTIs at their root, effectively preventing their occurrence.

evening primrose seed

rich in properties that balance hormones, promoting overall well-being.

orange essential oil

harnesses the power to combat bacterial infections, supporting your body's healing process.

relief you can feel

without toxic chemicals and medications


• Tailored to UTI Relief

the sole hemp-derived product on the market with a specific focus on UTIs, Serenity offers a powerful solution for those seeking a peaceful urinary journey.

• Expertly Crafted Formula

our formula combines 60 mg of nano-hemp, a highly absorbent form of hemp oil, with several botanicals known for their medicinal properties that directly address UTI symptoms.

• Powerful Botanicals

cranberry seed and cinnamon bark work wonders in combating pain within the urethra, while evening primrose and orange essential oil offer calming relief from discomfort and inflammation.


free shipping on all orders

embrace a life of comfort & confidence

say goodbye to UTI struggles and hello to a harmonious journey.

all-natural serenity

toxic chemicals

relieve UTI symptoms & pain

prevents UTIs

helps reduce inflammation

supports hormone balance

we bottled a

symphony of natural healing, crafting Serenity as your key to unlocking a world free from UTI struggles.

free shipping on all orders

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